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Child Study Team

pencil.gifChildren who are exhibiting significant difficulty at school, with academic, social or emotional skills, may be referred to the Child Study Team. The Team is composed of a Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant, a School Social Worker, and a School Psychologist. These specialists work with the teachers and parents to develop an evaluation plan. After the assessments are completed, the group will meet again to review results and determine whether a child has a specific learning or behavioral problem which may warrant a special education program. Parents are important members of the team, and their participation is vital to securing an appropriate program to meet their child's needs.

For further information, please contact your child’s teacher.

Child Study Team Members:

CST Coordinator - Lindsey Reed
Learning Consultant - Kimberly Devers
School Psychologist, Behaviorist - Sharon Damon
Guidance, Case Manager, & Social Worker - Maureen Lewis
Occupational Therapist - Carolyn Holladay

Speech Therapist - John DelVacchio

Physical Therapist - Diana Washart