Phone: (856)935-1078 - Fax: (856) 935-3747

Emergency Closing Information
Mannington Township School Code:  907

All emergency closings (due to inclement weather or other unexpected events) will be reported by number (907) in the following manner

They will also be reported by school name on the following television stations:

     CBS/Channel 3       ABC/Channel 6        NBC/Channel 10        Fox/Channel 29           

Emergency information when possible will also be available on the Mannington School Facebook page. 

Whenever possible, we will try to contact each family through an automated Connect-ED call, which will attempt to deliver the information to up to six different contact numbers (primary residence, work number, cell number, etc.)  If you do not receive a call, please check the radio and TV listings above for further information.  Be sure to provide alternative arrangements for your child’s supervision in the event of an early dismissal.

Delayed School Openings

Occasionally, school opening may be delayed by 1-2 hours.  Children cannot be dropped off at the school earlier than the delayed opening time for supervision reasons.

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